Elementary Diversity + Inclusion Fund

The Elementary Diversity & Inclusion Fund (EDIF) is a campaign with the goal of increasing ethnic and socio-economic diversity in the elementary school. The goal of the program is to serve families who are under-represented in grades K-6, particularly African-American/Black and Hispanic/Latino families.

A diverse community is part of the mission of Campbell Hall. We seek to reflect the population of our vast and multicultural city. Ethnic and socio-economic diversity has proved to be more achievable at the middle school and high school levels. Due to the long-term commitment in budgeting, however, we have not been able to provide the same degree of financial support to elementary school families as we have secondary school families.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, we were able to reach our first year’s fundraising goal of $70,000 and extend admission to two families in the fall of 2017. The racial/ethnic diversity of this year’s kindergarten class is 63% making it the most diverse in Campbell Hall’s history. Annually, we will need to raise $70,000 over and above the previous year to continue to enroll two new students each year while maintaining support for EDIF students currently enrolled. By year seven of EDIF, $490,000 will need to be raised annually. All funds raised exceeding that amount will roll over to the following year’s EDIF.

We respectfully ask that donations to EDIF be in addition to the annual CH Fund
 as well as our endowment campaign. The endowment campaign supports the long-term health of our aid programs, while the EDIF will provide immediate impact—both are vital 
to a diverse elementary school. Ideally, we would appreciate multi-year pledges in order to stabilize the fund for years to come.

Applicant families apply for admissions and financial aid as they would normally, 
and the admissions and financial aid offices will determine the number and amounts of aid based on that year’s applicant pool and enrollment needs. The names and profiles will remain confidential. Annual reports will include assessment of the impact, challenges, and opportunities for growth of the EDIF.

With the designated funds to EDIF, the school will be able to broaden their outreach efforts, and a more diverse elementary school will be achieved.

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Campbell Hall is an independent coeducational day school for grades K-12, located in Studio City, CA. We are affiliated with the Episcopal Church and its 500-year history of academic excellence, and are also one of the most religiously and racially diverse schools in southern California.

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