Diversity + Inclusion


We are devoted to cultivating and sustaining a safe environment that empowers individuals and groups to discover and celebrate their identity.

We believe race, ethnicity, religion, culture, national origin, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, and socioeconomic status to be examples of what constitutes diversity in our community. Through personal and corporate innovation, affirmation, and education, we strive to build and support an open and inclusive community dedicated to the principle of respect.

Our commitment to racial and ethnic diversity continues to be a priority as we strive to build a student body that is reflective of Los Angeles’ demographics. This commitment has resulted in an average yearly increase of 1.5% in the population of students of color since 2015, with 39% of the Campbell Hall student population identifying as students of color today. Our commitment extends to growing annually the racial and ethnic diversity of our faculty, of which 28% presently identify as people of color.
We are ever mindful of our call to be decent, loving, and responsible human beings.
Diversity & Inclusion Affinity Family Organizations
The affinity family organizations are led by family members/guardians and supported by faculty and administrators. The current organizations — The Heritage Families, Korean Parent Association, and La Familia — were founded based on parent interest and are open to all K-12 families that are interested in participating. Campbell Hall is open to supporting other organizations families may be interested in starting.

If you are interested in joining any of the affinity family organizations, please email , Director of Diversity & Inclusion.  

Heritage Families

The Heritage Families originally organized in 1996 as a means of connecting the African-American families across grade levels, has evolved into having a special function within the school. The Heritage Families is proud of the guidance it provides to the K-12 diversity program in helping support assembly presentations, the Gospel Choir, and their annual faculty/staff appreciation lunch. 

Korean Parent Association

The Korean Parent Association was established in 2013. This group works with the A.S.I.A. Club and Asian Affinity Association in the high school and will be planning community activities throughout the school year.

La Familia

Founded in 2009, La Familia, Campbell Hall’s K-12 organization for Latino/Hispanic families, aims to support school programming that increases cultural awareness of Latino/Hispanic heritage while also creating opportunities for families of Latino/Hispanic heritage to connect and foster unity within the school community. La Familia welcomes new volunteers to join its steering committee and assist with event planning.
Diversity + Inclusion Student Organizations

Secondary Clubs

Diversity and Inclusion clubs bring together students of different backgrounds together to create opportunities to increase awareness and education of diversity issues on campus. Additionally, they help provide students with a space to acknowledge and celebrate different cultural backgrounds. These groups meet weekly or on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Students of Culture (8th grade leadership group)
  • Diversity Club
  • GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance, 7th-12th Club)
  • Latino Unidos
  • A.S.I.A. (All Students Interested in Asia Club)
  • Armenian Club

Secondary Mentoring Groups

Affinity mentoring groups create opportunities for students in grades 7-12 who share a common identity to come together in a more intimate space within the larger community to share and reflect on their common experience. The mentoring groups are led by adult mentors from within our school community of the same ethnic background and gender. The groups meet during lunch twice a month and activities range from discussions about diversity topics, challenges of young adulthood, to inviting inspirational speakers to come talk to the group and field trips off campus including community service opportunities. These groups help support and empower underrepresented students in the larger school community.

It is important to note that the school will welcome and support the start of any other type of cultural/ethnic affinity groups that students or faculty express interest in developing. 
    • Latinos Unidos hosts guest speaker Anthony Chavez

      Latinos Unidos hosts guest speaker Anthony Chavez

Affinity Mentoring Groups

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  • 42

    42 is inspired by the life of Jackie Robinson and is for African American male students in grades 7-12.
  • Asian Affinity Association

    Asian Affinity Association is open to 7th-12th Asian-American female students. 
  • Asian Heritage Alliance

    Asian Heritage Alliance is open to students in grades 7-12 who identify as Asian or Asian American males.
  • B.S.U.G.

    Black Student Union for Girls is open to 7th-12th Black/African-American female students. 
  • M.E.

    Multiethnic/Multiracial affinity group for 9th-12th students.
  • Spectrum

    For students in grades 9-12 who identify as LGBTQ.
Meet the Team
Campbell Hall's Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Team is composed of the director and three faculty members that serve as coordinators to support the elementary and secondary divisions. This structure allows for thorough support and oversight of diversity initiatives, diversity family and student organizations, and multicultural literacy curriculum conversations throughout our K-12 community.

The Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Team also organizes and provides professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, including our very own annual Summer Inclusion Institute. Team members are also available as additional resources to parents and students.

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  • Stephanie Carrillo

    Director of Diversity & Inclusion, K-12

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  • Amanda Skubick

    Elementary School
    Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

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  • Erik Koski

    Middle School
    Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

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  • Shawn Watanabe

    High School
    Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
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