Strategic Plan

Preparing the next generation of good people

Strategic planning helps us to define our shared goals, determine actions to achieve those goals, mobilize resources to successfully implement them, and holds us accountable to assessing our progress. 

The best way for Campbell Hall to sustain a strong trajectory is by engaging a community of teachers and learners intent on rising joyfully to the very biggest challenges facing humankind. This energy – the energy of the true community of inquiry – has unimaginable potential and is the key to our success and indeed the success of this human century. This is truly an exciting time to be an educator, particularly at an institution as both grounded and dynamic as this one.

Objectives and Goals

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    The school has a history of maintaining its Episcopal identity through headmasters and chaplains who are ordained Episcopal priests. The core of this identity is focused on the values learned through inclusivity. Chapels, World Religions classes, seminars and other venues encourage respect for and understanding of all faiths and beliefs, and a focus on ethical and spiritual formation. Open tolerance is an expected quality of appreciation toward the entire community. Self confidence and authenticity are built through the understanding that comes from this value, and it helps to strengthen the process of a “community of inquiry.” With the establishment of the Center for Spiritual Practice, facilities now provide the optimum potential to formulate these values within each student’s sense of personhood; and the Bishop’s Chair for Spiritual Ecology and participation in the Collaborative for Spiritual Development showcase Campbell Hall’s leadership in the area of moral and spiritual development.
    • Tell the remarkable story more prominently and consistently of how the ancient conversation between faith and reason has taken such modern, relevant, and compelling form at Campbell Hall
    • Work with faculty to highlight and add appropriate discussions of spiritual development throughout the curriculum
    • Expand curriculum on ethical and spiritual formation in Chapel, Human Development, World Religions, Senior Seminars, or elsewhere in the program
    • Explore opportunities for the Center for Spiritual Practice to develop a speaker series that focuses on faith and spirituality
    • Identify, measure, and track student outcomes related to ethical and spiritual development

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    Campbell Hall’s Episcopal identity has long made it a fertile environment to nurture and support “academic excellence” in the context of the development of “decent, loving, and responsible human beings.” Because our community’s values and standards are well-articulated and consistently applied, the Campbell Hall experience is deeply imbued with respect, compassion, and honesty. However, the language defining our academic program has been less developed and may lead to a perception that our academic program is less distinctive. A recent surge in academic innovation should be developed and marketed to change that perception. As a community of inquiry, Campbell Hall is in fact highly innovative, evolving continually to create an environment for all types of learners who must be prepared for a rapidly changing world in need of creative leadership. 

    • Articulate a coherent and distinctive K-12 learning philosophy for Campbell Hall as a “community of inquiry”
    • Integrate the work done in human development classes, during advisory, in chapel, and in the course selection and college counseling processes
    • Create new signature programs connected to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and communication skills
    • Expand global education programs
    • Review curricular requirements
    • Expand the STEAM curriculum
    • Promote the development of a shared vision of Campbell Hall as a Community of Inquiry (COI) through work in curriculum councils, faculty meetings, reunions of Institute participants, and professional development days/events
    • Engage a school-wide conversation about the nature of effective assessment, and explore alternatives to current practices
    • Seek ways to encourage administrative and faculty reflection, research, and planning of new programs
    • Continue to enhance the school’s technology resources to broaden the electronic tools available for the students, the faculty,  the administration, and parents
    • Explore new scheduling opportunities allowed by adding a third section of sixth graders

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    Campbell Hall has long been devoted to cultivating and sustaining a safe environment that empowers individuals and groups to discover and celebrate their identity.  By continuing to challenge ourselves to create an inclusive community with no “outsiders,” we follow our moral imperative as an Episcopal school and teach students to lead effectively in a diverse world. By recruiting and retaining a more diverse faculty and student body, we also position the school more effectively for the future of our vibrantly diverse city and neighborhoods. In all of this work, we are ever mindful of our call to be decent, loving, and responsible human beings.

    • Reaffirm our value for diversity around the themes of inclusion, access, service, and leadership
    • Enhance efforts to recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and leadership (administrative and board)
    • Strengthen our affinity and mentoring groups while also promoting diversity of leadership in all student and parent activities
    • Enhance efforts to recruit and retain students and families of color with the goal of increasing the percentage of students of color by 1.5% annually through 2025
    • Train all faculty and staff through the new 4-day Diversity & Inclusion Institute by 2023

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    Campbell Hall continues its strong financial position, with a balanced operating budget, a strong record in fundraising, a demonstrated commitment to financial aid, competitive salary and benefit packages, and a highly successful admissions record with full enrollment in K-12, all of which promote financial sustainability. We have also clearly demonstrated our commitment to environmental sustainability with a new LEED Gold certified classroom building, drought-resistant landscaping, and commitment to carpooling. Still, fundraising for both endowment and capital projects must grow significantly in the years ahead to move forward with the master plan, further greening the campus and supporting the educational programs. As tuitions continue to rise well beyond the capacities of the middle class in large urban centers, Campbell Hall remains committed to growing alternative revenue streams, controlling costs (including debt service) to help maintain financial stability, and serving as a role model in conserving our natural resources.

    • Focus on increasing endowment in a significant way
    • Financial sustainability
    • Master Plan - Update the school’s master plan to ensure that it supports both the refurbishing and maintenance of the current plant and the future physical plant projects
    • Enrollment management 
    • Be bold in building a K-12 athletic program that reinforces the Campbell Hall mission by encouraging multi-sport participation throughout all divisions and by improving the experience of all student-athletes and families
    • Improve faculty, staff, and administrative evaluation and compensation practices, using strategies that are both innovative and responsive

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    As an Episcopal school, our mandate is to serve our students by teaching them to serve others. Campbell Hall has a long-standing tradition of community service through outreach programs and our partnerships with local public schools as well as our sister schools in Haiti. We are increasing learning and demonstrating that public and private schools are better and stronger when working together toward shared goals, be it student engagement through the arts and academics, peer-to-peer mentoring, college access, or simply a mutual understanding across neighborhoods. By expanding our public purpose programs as well as service learning, outreach, and global learning programs, we teach our students to show leadership locally and globally. 

    • Enhance existing public/private partnerships and develop further partnerships
    • Expand our student leadership development programs, with an emphasis on servant-leadership
    • Expand those programs that constitute Campbell Hall’s “faith in action,” our ongoing community service, service learning, and outreach programs
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Campbell Hall is an independent, Episcopal, K-12 all gender day school. We are a community of inquiry committed to academic excellence and to the nurturing of decent, loving, and responsible human beings.
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