We offer a K-12 experience that is uniquely beneficial.
Campbell Hall’s 15 acre campus fosters an environment where all three divisions - elementary, middle, and high school - are located on one campus, yet remain distinct in programming in order to meet the needs of students at different developmental stages. The close proximity of these divisions creates the sense of a village where all members are known and relationships are nurtured. We have found the balance of keeping healthy and appropriate space between our elementary and secondary schools and the many benefits of promoting a cross-collaborative, integrated community. Our 13-year students, seniors who began their journey in kindergarten, place tremendous value on being a part of a community that allows them to make meaningful connections and memories, in a supportive environment, from childhood through adolescence. They appreciate being connected to a community that not only offers comfort and support but also room to individually grow and develop. They often cite Campbell Hall as feeling like a “second family.”
Our younger and older students benefit from connecting with one another.
Our elementary and secondary students mutually benefit from engaging in meaningful interactions in a K-12 community. While younger students have role models to inspire their journeys, secondary students appreciate and grow with a sense of responsibility as campus leaders. Our Pals Program connects kindergarten and sixth grade students, first and fifth grade students, and second and seventh grade students. Kindergartners also welcome the 13-year seniors into their classrooms for a day, and in turn, get to spend time with them in the Senior Patio. Elementary students are always excited to perform alongside secondary students as they cheer for the Vikings during Homecoming, dance in The Nutcracker, and sing in the Gospel Choir. In this K-12 environment, students learn how to positively interact with members of different age groups and support one another.

Our elementary students benefit from dedicated elementary facilities, as well as opportunities to utilize school-wide resources and facilities available on our 15 acre K-12 campus.

In addition to our light-filled classrooms, our elementary campus offers a dedicated science lab, technology lab, art studio, music room, dance studio, and gym. The Athletics Field and sports courts are available to elementary and secondary students. The Arts and Education Center, our newest building, offers state-of-the-art facilities, such as music rooms, dance studios, and a video production studio that are used by elementary students for projects, after school classes, and rehearsals.
Sixth graders become leaders of the elementary community.
Our sixth grade students serve as leaders in our elementary school community. They assume additional leadership responsibilities in Student Council as they guide younger council representatives in planning elementary school activities. Sixth graders are mentors to our kindergarten students in our Pals Program. They all have prominent roles in the Greek Plays, which they write and then perform in the secondary school theater. Our sixth grade students also lead in chapel and continue to serve as Student Ambassadors who help welcome prospective families onto our campus.

We celebrate milestones.

At Campbell Hall, sixth graders matriculate to our middle school without needing to apply. They are able to continue to experience a full year of joyous learning while not having to prepare for admissions testing or interviews. They continue to thrive during their final year in the elementary as they celebrate accomplishments and reflect on their journey prior to entering middle school. Marking milestones is important, and sixth graders celebrate the culmination of their elementary journey with a special Sixth Grade Promotion ceremony.

The transition to middle school is filled with anticipation and excitement.

After spending years learning about all of the exciting opportunities in middle school through friendships they have formed with older students and watching them perform in various school events, our sixth graders are poised and eager to begin middle school in seventh grade. While our rising Campbell Hall seventh graders are excited to meet other students and form new friendships, they benefit from the network of strong friendships that they already have with each other. This network helps to support them in their transition to middle school.

Our dedicated faculty benefits from numerous opportunities for professional development and cross-divisional collaboration.

Recognizing that the best teachers are also lifelong learners, Campbell Hall encourages its faculty to engage in a broad variety of professional development activities. As a K-12 school, Campbell Hall is able to provide significant budgetary support to the growth of our faculty members. All teachers engage in ongoing professional development, and master teachers can earn salaries equivalent to administrators, offering them the opportunity to remain in the classroom as they advance their careers, and therefore, allowing students to benefit from their expertise. In addition, teaching at a K-12 campus gives faculty the ability to collaborate across divisions. Our administrators and faculty engage in discussions to reflect on the arc of the curriculum to ensure that the K-12 scope and sequence continually serves all students.

With robust programs in academics, arts, and athletics, siblings with varying interests can explore their passions at Campbell Hall.

Our strong sense of community is upheld by our wonderful families, many who have children attending Campbell Hall in multiple divisions. Our balanced program with offerings in academics, arts, and athletics allows for siblings with different interests to engage in their own path of self-discovery.

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Campbell Hall is an independent coeducational day school for grades K-12, located in Studio City, CA. We are affiliated with the Episcopal Church and its 500-year history of academic excellence, and are also one of the most religiously and racially diverse schools in southern California.

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