Inspirational Presentation from JPL Engineer

Tracy Drain, Flight Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), gave an exciting presentation to 6th grade students about her journey to become an engineer. She mapped out her successes and failures, including working at NASA’s Langley Research Center (made even more famous because of the remarkable women who were highlighted in the movie Hidden Figures) and how procrastination almost thwarted her college career. According to Tracy, failure is often the bridge that leads to success. She also explained her work on JPL’s Juno, a spacecraft designed to study Jupiter including its Great Red Spot. Stunning up-close photos of Jupiter’s never before seen north and south poles were captured by the probe and shown to the students. Her enthusiasm and joy kept these 6th graders engaged throughout – they threw up their hands, asked insightful questions, and crowded around her after the presentation to continue the space discussion. Tracy’s next role will be Deputy Project Systems engineer for Psyche, a mission to the metallic asteroid 16 Psyche set to launch in 2022. Many thanks to CH parent, Gloria Johnson (Fiona ’25), who arranged Tracy’s visit.
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