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We would like to thank the entire community for making this year’s Campbell Hall Fund (CH Fund) a tremendous success. We are so grateful!




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As of June 30, 2018

Every member of our community knows the value of Campbell Hall’s Viking spirit.
It is this spirit that drives growth and innovation in our programming, leads our students to excel in every aspect of their learning, and brings us together as a community.
It is the strength behind the commitment each one of us has to making Campbell Hall the best place it can be.
That’s why we need every Viking to support the CH Fund. Your 100% tax-deductible gift directly impacts each and every student and touches all aspects of campus life.
Campbell Hall Annual Fund + Tuition = Operating Budget
Tuition alone does not cover the total cost of running the school. The CH Fund makes up a portion of the operating budget. It is crucial we make our goal each and every year so that the programs and resources our students rely on are not compromised.
Gifts of every size matter and go directly toward this year’s operating budget, benefitting all students.
All hands on deck. Every Viking makes a difference!

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is participation important?
    • The CH Fund is the school's highest fundraising priority. As with all independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the costs of running the school. The CH Fund makes up a portion of the operating budget. It is crucial we make our goal each and every year so that the programs and resources our students rely on are not compromised. Gifts of every size matter and go directly toward this year's operating budget, benefitting all students.

      Your contribution is also a powerful statement to foundations and corporations as they make decisions about supporting the school through grants. Strong participation signals to foundations that our parents are invested in the school, which increases our chance of receiving outside funding.

    Who benefits from the CH Fund?
    • Your tax-deductible gift immediately supports and benefits your child’s daily experience and is a direct investment in our talented faculty, unique curricula, growing facilities, and immediately supports and benefits your child’s daily experience.

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Giving Levels


  $50,000 and above


$25,000 - $49,999


$10,000 - $24,999


$5,000 - $9,999

Headmaster's Circle*

$3,500 - $4,999


$1,000 - $3,499


gifts up to $999

*Donors at the Headmaster's Circle level and above are invited to attend a reception with the Headmaster and Board of Directors each spring to acknowledge their generosity.

All donors will be recognized in the Annual Report by giving levels (specific dollar amounts are not listed). 

"The CH Fund is a school-wide effort, bringing together our entire community of parents, alumni, Board members, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty and staff for one common purpose – to ensure that each Campbell Hall student is equipped with the resources to reach his or her fullest potential. Each gift reflects a spirit of generosity and a commitment to our students and for that, we are truly grateful.”
— The Rev. Canon Julian Bull, Headmaster

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  • Annual Report

    Annual Report
    Read the most recent Annual Report here. (login required)

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  • Contact Us

    Vivianne Fernquist
    Vivianne Fernquist
    CH Fund Manager + Archivist
Thank you to our 2017-18 CH Fund Volunteers!
We are deeply grateful for the Committee's hard work, loyalty, and commitment in serving as ambassadors to promote Campbell Hall's annual fundraising mission.

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  • + Co-Chairs

    Elementary School Co-Chairs
    Oren Katz ('28, '25)
    Morgan Simpson ('04, '10)

    Middle School Co-Chair
    Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt ('23, '20)

    High School Co-Chairs
    Stacy Crespi ('18)
    Dan Freedman ('20)
    Lisa Sall ('19, '18)

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  • + Elementary School

    Chris Athanassopoulos
    Michelle Bergman
    Julia Kim Clarke 
    Paula Connolly 
    Stephen Dutka 
    Elizabeth Fierro 
    Shanelle Gray
      Asia Greene 
    Michael Greene 
    Camille Radocchia Hecks 
    Carla Alponte Infante 
    Bridget Johnsen 
    Oren Katz, CO-CHAIR 
    Lindsay Nesmith 
    Amelia Anka Powell 
    Amber Reese 
    Sara Singer Schiff 
    Julie Scurry 
    Morgan Simpson, CO-CHAIR
    Landry Tagliere 
    Thomas Vickers 
    Steve Wachs

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  • + Middle School

    Cori Allvey 
    Risa Bastien 
    Laura Chiappetta 
    Julia Kim Clarke 
    Paula Connolly
    Angela Goss 
    Barbara Rose Granatt 
    Alex Grane 
    Asia Greene 
    Michael Greene 
    Nancy Haag 
    Chad Hagle 
    Amelia Anka Powell 
    Stacey Romano 
    Karen Roxborough
    Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt, CO-CHAIR
    Lisa Sall, CO-CHAIR 
    Kimberly Sassower
    Michael Schlesinger 
    Matt Thompson 
    Lainee Uberti

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  • + High School

    Amy Baer 
    Dana Bain 
    Marie Benardout 
    Dimple Chugani 
    Stacy Crespi, CO-CHAIR
    Dan Freedman, CO-CHAIR
    Angela Goss 
    Barbara Rose Granatt 
    Alex  Grane
    J. Todd Harris 
    Brian Jacobs 
    Hali Sugarman Klonel 
    Rachel Park 
    Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt, CO-CHAIR
    Patrick Russo 
    Lisa Sall, CO-CHAIR
    Michael  Schlesinger 
    Sara Singer Schiff 
    Marc Susac 
    Matt Thompson 
    Bill Townsend 
    Richard Weitz

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  • + Class of 2018

    Stacy Crespi, CO-CHAIR
    Jeff Danis 
    Carrie Mapes 
    Lisa Sall, CO-CHAIR 
    Marc Susac

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  • + Grandparents

    Saul Freedman
    Sharyn Gertz
    Walter Gertz
    Sandy Gray
    Stu Gray
    Peter Palmer
    Celeste Radocchi
    Jo Schiff

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  • + Advancement Committee

    Stu Shanus, Committee Co-Chair
    Brice London '96, Committee Co-Chair
    J Barnes, Board Chair
    The Rev. Canon Julian P. Bull, Headmaster
    Amy Baer
    Ted Burnett
    Ron Burns
    David Damus '83
    John Pollak '95
    Hal Reynolds
    Ken Salkin

    Marcia Berman, Director of Advancement
    Vivianne Fernquist, CH Fund Manager
    Cassandra Krause, Associate Director of Advancement
    Fred McNutt, CFO
    Sarah Mulkeen, Advancement Campaign Associate
    Aubrey Rakoski, Associate Director of Advancement, Alumni Relations + Planned Giving
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Campbell Hall is an independent coeducational day school for grades K-12, located in Studio City, CA. We are affiliated with the Episcopal Church and its 500-year history of academic excellence, and are also one of the most religiously and racially diverse schools in southern California.

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