Middle School (Grades 7-8)

Campbell Hall’s secondary program combines a curriculum that is both traditional and innovative, with one of the most unique schedules in the independent school world. Our 75-minute rotating block schedule is designed to allow time in each class to become fully engaged in online research, lecture, seminar, discussion, multi-media projects – whatever interactive method best brings the subject matter to life. We offer a truly dynamic, research-based educational program set apart by a student-centered approach to teaching.

Through our secondary coursework and extra-curricular activities, students come to understand better who they are and are better equipped to identify their interests and passions. Beginning in middle school, students delve deeply into what they find important and the curriculum includes a wide variety of traditional honors and advanced level courses. For example, while we offer a wide range of courses and honors level math and world language, middle school students are also allowed to self-select into higher-level English and science classes. Additionally, our middle school Advisory Program includes a student-led conference where students present to their parents or guardians a reflective self-assessment of what they know is true about themselves.

Through “study hall exploration” course offerings focusing on visual arts, performing arts, and computer science in the middle school, “mini-courses” in the arts and human development in grade 7, and semester electives in grade 8 focusing on a wide range of topics such as sports medicine, digital creations and steel drumming, our middle school offers an extensive experience, beyond the core curriculum.

7-8 Curriculum

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Campbell Hall is an independent coeducational day school for grades K-12, located in Studio City, CA. We are affiliated with the Episcopal Church and its 500-year history of academic excellence, and are also one of the most religiously and racially diverse schools in southern California.

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