Campbell Hall’s Sustainability Program is committed to instilling a culture that inspires and nurtures environmental sustainability and service-learning opportunities for the benefit of our school and the surrounding community. Our vision is to be a model green school that, through community partnerships, helps create a greener and more sustainable future for us all.


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  • Principles of Good Practice - Environmental Sustainability

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  • Greening Campus and Feeding Families in Need

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  • Green Teams Unite

    The high school Green Team with their faculty teachers Monica Ley & Allison Shrage, spent time mentoring the new elementary 3rd & 4th grade Green Team by showing them how to tend their garden.
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  • Compostable Confetti

    Compostable confetti was blasted to celebrate Campbell Hall's 75th opening day on February 7.
  • Green Schools Summit 2018

    Members of the CH Sustainability and Service Learning Council (SSLC), Courtney Peterson, Jonny Rodgers and Lindsay Allen-Blum attended the Green Schools CA summit October 29-30. 
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  • Growing Young Innovators

    Every spring, elementary school principal Robin Frank works with kindergarten students in the garden. Each kindergartener plants seedlings and, as a culmination of their science unit, the students make a delicious salad together.
  • Reduced Waste Wednesdays (and every day!)

    In an effort to reduce our ecological footprint as a community, Campbell Hall Elementary School promotes and encourages packing reduced waste lunches.

Sustainability Projects Update

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  • In Progress 2018-19

    • Working with Waste Management to improve on-campus recycling program
    • Complete LED lighting in offices and exterior areas (replacement in AEC requires new lighting fixtures)
    • Ongoing thermostat upgrades to digital, programmable on energy efficiency software (PREPPS program for rebates)
    • LED bulb replacement for lighting posts in outdoor parking areas
    • Revitalize and centralize campus green team. Start with administrative and faculty focus group to set goals and incorporate sustainability into curriculum and then enlist support from parents and students
    • Replace landscaping in middle school planters with California native, drought resistant plants
    • Awareness campaign to identify charging outlet locations for electric vehicles in the AEC parking structure
    • Use of sustainable materials in classroom renovations
  • Completed 2017-18

    Awareness campaign on all campus paper towel dispensers – stickers noting “we come from trees”
    LED Lighting in Theater
    Reduced number of unnecessary GHG emitters (mini fridges, space heaters) as rooms are renovated (6 elementary classrooms in Summer 2017)
    Replacing use of plastic coffee stirrers with wooden stirrers
    Sustainable garden and landscaping replacement in areas near kindergarten classroom and in elementary quads
    Utilized cuttings from succulents in the Arts and Education Center to replant succulent garden at the Gate 2 main entrance
  • Completed 2016-17

    • LED lighting in Garver Gym
    • Working with students on “Campbell Hall Cares” recycling awareness campaign
    • Increased advertising for school bus program (visits to parent coffees, PSA video creation in the works, etc.)
    • All Faculty/Staff Kitchens have re-usable mugs, plates, silverware to reduce waste (Elementary, MS, AEC, HS, ACAL 3rd Floor)
    • Purchased re-usable, wipe-able Oilcloth table cloths to be integrated into post-concert and event receptions (saves on dry-cleaning and laundry services). Already utilized by Performing Arts Department
    • Crested and distributed “Green Snack” suggestions to reduce waste in all Elementary parties and events (no paper goods or more “finger foods” to reduce waste)
    • Yearbook has agreed to do a survey of faculty/staff to limit the multiple copies of yearbooks going to the same households (ideally this will reduce the number total the school purchases/prints)
  • Completed 2015-16

    • Sustainability website created with “suggestion box” and news items
    • Natural Capitalism Solutions audit completed and suggestions underway
    • All restrooms currently have waterless urinals and low flow toilets
    • Eliminated Styrofoam use from the CH Café and eliminated plastic water bottles from elementary Fresh Lunches
    • All water fountains on campus have refrigeration and water bottle spigots to encourage use
    • Battery collection and recycling
    • All coffee on campus fair-trade
    • Removed individual printers around campus
    • Lower Gym replaced with all LED lighting 
    • Campbell Hall magazine “The Good” printed on all FSC recycled paper
    • Secondary planner printed on FSC recycled paper for the first time, PDF also available
    • Irrigation systems changed to drip systems in High School, ACAL, Grove and Elementary North buildings
    • Drought-resistant, California native plants replacing old gardens (HS Quad, the Grove, and Elementary eating area done this summer)
    • Campus-wide LED lighting replacement of fluorescent bulbs (all classrooms and teaching spaces completed, most offices complete)
    • All recycling bins labeled with photographic, standardized labels
  • Long-Term Goals

    • Replace all landscaping with California native, drought resistant plants
    • Water-usage monitoring software and tracking devices
    • Campus-wide digital, programmable, thermostats on energy efficiency software that interlocks the HVAC with the classroom door open/closed status
    • Install PV solar power to offset all campus energy emissions
    • Install occupancy controls in classrooms for all lighting
    • Remove unnecessary GHG emitters campus-wide (mini fridges, space heaters, etc.)
    • Target plastic water bottle use on campus
    • Water harvesting and grey water use on campus
    • Developing purchasing and procurement guidelines
    • Carpooling and bus incentives to reduce driving to campus
    • Replacement of Arts and Education Center lighting control system to provide opportunity to utilize LED lighting
    • Campus Facilities Audit to better understand and anticipate planned and preventative maintenance to building utilities systems
    • Concrete / Asphalt replacement with grass crete

We want to hear from you!

Please email SSLC@campbellhall.org with
  • Your sustainability success stories (and photos)
  • Your personal journey to zero waste
  • Suggestions and ideas!
CH Sustainability + Service Learning Council (SSLC)
Lindsay Allen-Blum, Small Initiatives Project Manager
Cesar Cespedes, Operations Liaison
Jennifer Crandall, Middle School Liaison
Karl Frank, High School Liaison
Robin Frank, Elementary School Liaison
Monica Ley, High School Green Team Advisor
Courtney Peterson, Foundation Grant Support
Jonny Rodgers, High School Urban Stewards Advisor, Student Liaison
Allison Shrage, High School Green Team Advisor
Dani Staahl, Elementary School Liaison

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