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Campus Gates

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  • Main Entrance/Exit

    Gate 2 (at Laurel Canyon/Landale) is designated as the main campus entrance and exit for all other drivers including parents/guardians, faculty/staff, and guests.
  • Student Driver Entrance

    Gate 1 is the designated student-only entrance each morning. Students 
must enter Gate 1 unless it is closed, at which time students may utilize Gate 2 as an entrance.

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  • Student Parking

    Student Parking Eligibility

    On-campus student parking availability is limited. Student parking will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until we have reached capacity, with priority given to seniors who register prior to August 18, 2018. Once parking is full, students who register will be added to a wait-list in the event that more parking becomes available throughout the school year.

    • SENIORS with a current, valid drivers' license will be assigned parking permits as a first priority through August 18, 2018. Seniors may apply for parking after this deadline, but they will no longer fall within the first priority group.
    • JUNIORS with a current, valid drivers' license will be assigned parking permits based on availability after the senior parking registration priority period (which ends on August 18, 2018).
    • SOPHOMORES are not eligible to park on campus and should use alternative methods of transportation (such as carpooling with a junior or senior, being dropped off, or using bus transportation) to school for the duration of their sophomore year.
    Student drivers should note that if they do not obtain an on-campus parking permit, driving to school and parking in the neighborhood surrounding campus is not a viable option as Campbell Hall’s Conditional Use Permit with the City of Los Angeles prohibits street parking in the neighborhood surrounding campus.

    On-Campus Student Parking
    On-campus parking is subject to eligibility requirements outlined above.

    To encourage carpooling and thus reduce the carbon footprint of our community, student on-campus parking registration fees will be assessed based on the number of carpool passengers per vehicle as outlined in the table below. On-campus student parking registration fees will be due at the time of application for student parking (credit card required). A valid driver's license is required to pick up your parking permit after assignment (students may not apply prior to obtaining a valid drivers license).

    All carpool passengers must be registered, verified, and maintained throughout the school year. Inability to maintain registered carpools will result in retroactively assessed parking fees.

    Please note that enrollment in a sunrise course does not warrant an exemption from the fee structure below. Students may opt to carpool with others who are taking sunrise courses in order to reduce parking fees.

    Parking permit applications will be processed and approved as quickly as possible.

    Driver + 0 Passengers
    $900 registration fee

    Driver + 1 Passenger
    $450 registration fee (50% discount)
    Driver + 2 or more Passengers
    $0 registration fee (100% discount)

    Student Parking Registration
    Parking registration for rising juniors and seniors opens in late May / early June for the upcoming academic year. The link will be available on this page when it goes live and an email reminder will be sent to rising junior and senior families with the direct link to this page.

    Carpooling is incentivized by the reduced fee structure outlined above. Please note the following limitations to carpool compliance:
    • While we are happy to assign a second decal to a member of the carpool group who will share driving responsibilities, only one parking decal number will be assigned to your registered carpool group. Thus, only one vehicle per carpool group may be parked on campus at a time. Please register ALL vehicles that could be driven to campus by the student driver(s). 
    • For provisional drivers who seek authorization to transport a sibling to and from campus, authorization must be provided by the parent or guardian. Campbell Hall will not provide notes for provisional drivers. You can read more about this portion of California law here

    Once you have completed registration, you will receive a confirmation email that your registration has been submitted for consideration. Operations will notify students and parents via email when the student driver's application for on-campus parking is processed/approved. 

    Seniors may pick up their decal(s) at Senior Orientation in August. Juniors (and seniors obtaining permits after senior orientation) may pick up their permit from the Operations office during regular business hours.

    By applying for an on-campus parking permit, student drivers and their families are agreeing to adhere to the Campbell Hall carpool and safety guidelines articulated through the Parking Registration process and in the High School Handbook. Campbell Hall reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend parking privileges at any time, for any reason.


    Please contact the Operations office for additional info.

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  • Walking + Biking

    For students, faculty, and staff who live near Campbell Hall, walking or biking is an easy and sustainable way to commute to campus.

    To optimize pedestrian safety on and around campus, please note the following guidelines for pedestrians and bicyclists at Campbell Hall:
    • When crossing Laurel Canyon, pedestrians coming to campus should use the east-west crosswalk at Landale St. and Laurel Canyon. Students may not utilize the east-west crosswalk on Laurel Canyon/101 freeway intersection at any time.
    • The pedestrian and bicycle entrance and exit during drop-off and pick-up times is located at the middle gate of the Arts and Education Center on Laurel Canyon. This gate will be guarded by security personnel during these times. During non-peak times, pedestrians and bicyclists should seek entrance through the security-guard monitored entrance at Gate 1.
    • Once inside the campus, the "hill" roadway from the Meditation Garden to the Garver Gym stairs is designated as a pedestrian-only area outside of busy drop-off/pick-up traffic times.
    • Bicycle parking racks are available near Gate 1 (adjacent to the middle school faculty lounge).

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  • Parking Regulations + Fine Structure

    Campbell Hall's Conditional Use Permit with the City of Los Angeles and efforts to nurture good neighbor relations with our surrounding community require us to adhere to certain parking and transportation guidelines as outlined in the Campbell Hall Parking and Transportation Plan. Because violations of this plan can endanger pedestrians, infringe upon good neighbor relation efforts, and jeopardize the school's ability to work constructively with the City of Los Angeles, repeated infractions to the school's Parking and Transportation Plan will be subject to fines for repeated offenses.

    The following are serious violations:
    1. Student, faculty, staff, or parent parking on residential streets adjacent to campus.
    2. Dropping off and/or picking up of passengers on Laurel Canyon or in the adjacent neighborhoods.
    3. Making U-turns in the adjacent Landale neighborhood.
    4. Parking in non-designated parking spots on or off campus. 
    5. Dropping off and/or picking up in non-designated locations on campus (e.g. AEC P1 garage).
    First infractions will receive a written warning notification reminding the driver to review the Parking & Transportation Plan. Second infractions will receive a $100 fine notification, third infractions will receive a $250 fine notification, and fourth infractions will receive a $1,000 fine notification. All notifications will be delivered via hard copy and email and will be forwarded to the Business Office for payment processing if fines are incurred.

    If, within one school year, more than four incidents occur with respect to any family, Campbell Hall may choose not extend an invitation to renew school enrollment as repeated violation of this policy reflects a sufficient inconsistency with school values.

    We cannot overstate the importance of making drop-off/pick-up more efficient, of increasing our carpool numbers, or the necessity of being sensitive to the impact of Campbell Hall drivers on the neighborhood. We ask for your fullest cooperation and participation in this plan, and that you share it with anyone who is designated to drive on or around campus on behalf of your family.
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