Welcome to the Middle School

We encourage you to learn more about our vibrant and dynamic learning community, a place where we care deeply about children and are committed to cultivating students' interests and talents. Recognizing that this period in a child’s life is one of intense and rapid change, we carefully craft our programs to address the needs of young adolescents. Our teachers value this age group and are passionate about maximizing each student's potential. In an inviting, supportive, and diverse environment, our students experience a relevant and challenging curriculum that promotes a joy of learning. As students place greater emphasis on friendships during this time, we provide opportunities to forge relationships and build self-confidence. We celebrate this as a time for students to explore a variety of academic interests, build a love of learning, and discover their unique contributions to our world. Recognizing that each student is a person of both faith and reason, Campbell Hall provides a rigorous, college preparatory academic program balanced with a commitment to the nurturing of decent, loving and responsible human beings.

We would love you to arrange a visit and experience all we have to offer.
Marina Kheel signature.png
Marina Kheel, Ed.D.
Middle School Principal