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The Health Office is located.... the Elementary administration building where a registered nurse (RN) and a certified athletic trainer (ATC) are in attendance for first aid, medication administration, and health assessment during the school day (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.).



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Most Campbell Hall students are immunized as legally required by the state of California and the remaining students are well within their rights for having chosen an exemption from these requirements based on personal beliefs or medical conditions (click here to see what the state requires). Yet still, contagious illnesses such as pertussis can spread easily, even among the vaccinated as immunization does not guarantee protection. That’s one reason why we have to work together, as a community, to keep each other informed and healthy.

Please remember to report your child's positive diagnosis for contagious illnesses to the health office as early as possible. The sooner Campbell Hall is made aware, the sooner we can inform all of our families and take any needed precautions to stay healthy. Additionally, if you are experiencing any symptoms that are associated with a contagious illness and there is a confirmed case of an illness at Campbell Hall, please be sure to tell your physician about any confirmed cases as it may provide additional context.


Updated (and REQUIRED) Medical Records Save Lives!


All Campbell Hall students are required to forward and maintain updated health records with the health office. In preparation for the 2014-2015 school year, please familiarize yourselves with the two-part Health Office Registration.

Part 1: Please submit the online InfoSnap form. You will receive an email around Spring Break from that provides specific login directions to complete the form.

Part 2a: Please complete the packet of hardcopy forms you will receive in a mailer from the Health Office midway through April (these forms are also provided below). There are two required forms for every student: the Physical Form, and the CA Report of Health Exam as proof of immunization.

Part 2b: Also, please review the following three situations that may apply to your child. First, if your child is entering 7th grade, he or she is required to receive a Tdap Booster shot according to Assembly Bill 354. Second, if your child does not receive immunizations, the physician must fill out the CA Personal Beliefs Exemption Form. Lastly, if your child requires medication to be administered on campus or on field trips, please fill out one Medication Form for each medication. Below is a checklist of requirements for your convenience.

After completing the forms, please remember to make copies for your own personal records. Using the envelope provided in the Health Office mailer, please return the original hardcopy forms to the Health Office by mail or in person before Tuesday, July 1, 2014.



Due by

required for every student

Submit Online

June 2

Physical Form
required for every student

Green hardcopy

July 1

CA Report of Health Exam
required for every student as proof of immunization

White hardcopy

Tdap Booster Shot
required for rising 7th graders only


CA Personal Beliefs Exemption to Required Immunizations
required if student does not receive immunizations

White hardcopy

Medication Form
complete if necessary – one form for each medication

Yellow hardcopy

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact the Health Office.



    Kelly Moulton, RN

    School Nurse
    Office: 818.505.5355
    Fax: 818.505.2460
    Catherine LaGaly
    Administrative Assistant
    Office: 818.505.5327
    Fax: 818.505.2460




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