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Campbell Hall is a community of inquiry committed to academic excellence and to the nurturing of decent, loving, and responsible human beings.

Campbell Hall Fund

Your gift to the Campbell Hall Fund is an investment in 1,100 students.

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Vivianne Fernquist
CH Fund Manager & Archivist 
(818) 505-5305 


Ilise Friedman
Associate Director of Advancement
(818) 505-5306 

Every student benefits from your gift to the Campbell Hall Fund (CH Fund). Your tax-deductible donation has a direct and immediate impact, supporting the distinguished programs that make our school exceptional and that provide each student with a foundation for success. These include:

  • A vibrant Visual and Performing Arts program
  • An encouraging, collaborative, and competitive Athletics program
  • Talented and dedicated Faculty
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Commitment to a Diverse Community
  • The latest advances in Technology

As with most independent schools, Campbell Hall relies on annual giving to bridge the gap between tuition and what it actually costs to educate each student. For this reason, we ask that every family participate in the CH Fund with a meaningful gift.

As a valued member of our community, we invite you to join other generous donors to help us continue our tradition of excellence and to carry out our mission of nurturing decent, loving and responsible human beings.

Your gift makes a difference!

  The CH Fund is a school-wide effort, bringing together our entire community of parents, alumni, Board members, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty and staff for one common purpose – to ensure that each Campbell Hall student is equipped with the resources to reach his or her fullest potential. Each gift reflects a spirit of generosity and a commitment to our students and for that, we are truly grateful.  

—The Rev. Canon Julian Bull, Headmaster


Our 2016-2017 CH Fund Volunteers


Elementary Co-Chairs
Oren Katz ('28, '25)
Morgan Simpson ('04, '10)

Middle School Co-Chairs
Linda Branca ('22, '21)
Dan Freedman ('21)

High School Co-Chairs
Stacy Crespi ('18)
Lisa Sall ('19, '18)
Stu Shanus ('17, '16)


Joe Aiello
Cori Allvey
Risa Bastien
Michelle Bergman
Julia Clarke
Paula Connolly
Stephen Dutka
Alex Grane
Shanelle Gray
Bridget Johnsen
Oren Katz, CO-CHAIR
Heidi McKenna
Lindsay Nesmith
Morgan Simpson, CO-CHAIR
Steve Wachs

Middle School

Dana Bain
Linda Branca, CO-CHAIR
Dimple Chugani
Laura Chiappetta
Julia Clarke
Dan Freedman, CO-CHAIR
Nikki Joel
Hali Sugarman Klonel
Anita Nardine
Rachel Park
Kimberly Sassower
Lainee Uberti
Richard Weitz

High School

Amy Baer
Amiira Behrendt
Marie Benardout
Tracy Berglass
Dimple Chugani
Stacy Crespi, CO-CHAIR
Jeff Danis
Molly Garvey
Angela Goss
Alex Grane
Todd Harris
Carrie Mapes
Anita Nardine
Lisa Sall, CO-CHAIR
Michael Schlesinger
Stu Shanus,CO-CHAIR
Marc Susac
Matt Thompson
Richard Weitz

Class of 2017

Tracy Berglass
Jocelyn Cortese
Brian Jacobs
Patrick Russo

Parents of Alumni

Lisa Firestone ('04, '10)
Joe Lanza ('00)
Jackie Praw ('06, '09)


Peter Palmer
Sandy Gray
Stu Gray