Welcome to the Elementary

We invite you to discover what makes Campbell Hall such a unique place, committed to academic excellence and to the nurturing of decent, loving and responsible human beings. We are a community that honors the diversity of the human experience and strives to build and support an open and inclusive environment. Our philosophy of educating the heart and mind provides a climate where the values of community, self-worth, compassion, respect, service and responsibility are interwoven into the academic curriculum and the daily life of the students.

We believe in the benefits of an interdisciplinary elementary curriculum that emphasizes math, reading, writing, science and social studies, and is complemented by specialist instruction in lab science, Spanish, art, dance, music, technology, and physical education. Learning, listening, sharing and playing together are important aspects of the elementary program. These activities foster self-reliance, stimulate creativity, provide opportunity for inquiry and forge a love of learning.

Please arrange for a visit soon to experience our dynamic community first-hand.
Robin Frank Signature.png
Robin Frank
Elementary Principal