Experiential Education

Campbell Hall recognizes that in order to educate students both intellectually and emotionally, the school must explore those areas of learning which stimulate the processes of self-discovery.


Experiential Education is an experiential program which nurtures values of cooperative learning, individual and group responsibility, and security in a natural environment.  The school's curriculum includes participation in the environmental education program for students beginning in grades 4-12. With the wide variety of geography available, excursions are planned yearly to provide each class with an intimate encounter with mountain, island, seashore, desert, or river environments and to include opportunities for service, community-building, and to connect the curriculum of the classroom to the world beyond our gates.

4th Grade Sacramento Trip

The students engage in various hands-on experiences that help them walk in the footsteps of the forty-niners and also develop a sense of responsibility for the environment. The trip includes visit to the state capitol, a gold mine, and various museums, further enhancing the students’ knowledge of their state.

5th Grade Astro Camp

Camp is located in the Jacinto Mountains and is tailored to the student experience to match the school’s science curriculum. In addition to the study of astronomy and space exploration, students will also be engaged in a variety of activities as they learn about different areas of science and the natural world.

6th Grade Camp Mt. Crags

Camp is located near Malibu State Creek. In addition to the study of local flora and fauna, student activities are designed to build class unity and provide moments of reflection.