Campbell Hall is a community of inquiry committed to academic excellence and to the nurturing of decent, loving, and responsible human beings.

Alumni Board of Directors


It has been an incredible year for our alumni on all fronts, and I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who has directly contributed to the advancement of the Campbell Hall community.  By generously participating through giving, or by attending one of our many events, both on campus and off, to being active through our professional networking community, each one of our alumni has played a significant role expanding the reach of our board and our school.  It’s this direct relationship that drives us as a board to provide opportunities for our alumnus to stay connected and involved with our of a kind community.

This past year, we have doubled our alumni annual giving dollars and tripled our alumni participation! The Young Alumni Giving Challenge secured 144 new donors in just 7 days, while our regional events in Los Angeles and New York drew a record number of alumni culminating in the largest reunion crowd ever.

Because of the generous support of our alumni, we honored eight deserving Campbell Hall students with Argyll Academy and Rev. Canon Thomas G. Clarke alumni scholarships. These scholarships, which include a monetary award, made a significant difference in the lives of the recipients. This is one of the many ways in which our alumni base plays an integral role in the well-being of our current student body.

The critical work that we do as an alumni board would not be possible without our 16 dedicated alumni board members each of whom volunteer his or her time and talent to make each year's alumni program more innovative and successful than the last.  This board will continue our mission to reach new alumni and continue to strengthen our relationship with the our existing alumni base.

We helped plan and organize incredible events for our alumni in the form of the reunion, which had its biggest turn out ever!  A fun filled evening at Casa Vega the night before Thanksgiving as well as numerous events on campus for our upper classman.  Our goal of keeping our alumni connected starts when they are still students and will hopefully continue many many years beyond graduation.

And as we head into the coming year, we look forward to continuing the progress we have made over the years and reaching even greater heights, with our focus being on how we, as bastions of our beloved school, can make a meaningful impact not only in the lives of those affiliated with Campbell Hall, but in our greater society as a whole. We are truly grateful to our amazing alumni for their commitment and passion and, most importantly, the manner in which they share the Campbell Hall way with the people that they interact with on a daily bases. I am proud to be part of this special community, and am excited for what our future holds.  

John Pollak '95, Alumni Board President


John Pollak '95, President
Andrew Mulkeen '02, Vice President
Jessie Bryon-Fields '05, Secretary

  • Kate Csiki '04
  • Alex Early '05
  • Eugene Han ‘94
  • Lauren Kabakoff ‘04
  • Michelle Khalatian ‘96
  • Jordan Kramer '94
  • Brian Kriegler '97
  • Catherine LaGaly '09
  • Stephanie LaPedis ‘87
  • Pete Robbins ‘89
  • Samantha Graham Schwarze '05
  • Rochelle Stark ‘87
  • Monika Wegener '05
  • Jillian Wiseman '10