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Campbell Hall Collegiate Alumni

Campbell Hall is proud of our Viking collegiate athletes.

Joy Kim Women's Tennis Pomona-Pitzer College 2016
Ethan Baer   Baseball Pomona- Pitzer College  2016
Alexis Pereira Women’s Tennis TCU 2014
Joy Kim Women’s Tennis Pomona-Pitzer College 2015 
Zoe Katz Women’s Tennis USC 2013
Jake Howard Men’s Volleyball UC Santa Cruz 2013
Ben Green Men's Soccer Colorado College 2016
Esther Hong Women’s Volleyball Johns Hopkins University 2015
Gabriel Bell-Williams Men’s Basketball UCLA 2015
Justis Bell-Williams Men’s Basketball UCLA 2015
Aaron Holiday Men’s Basketball UCLA 2015
Gabriel Salazar Men’s Basketball Chapman University 2015 
Austin McBroom Men’s Basketball Eastern Washington Univ. 2011
Jordan Cohen   Men’s Basketball Lehigh University 2016
Caroline Hull Women’s Basketball Carleton College 2015
William Van Zandt Men’s Soccer Brown University 2015 
Elias Romanos Men’s Soccer Emerson College 2013 
Josh Krakowsky Men’s Soccer Emerson College 2015
Robert Jorgensen Men’s Soccer Univ of Puget Sound 2014 
Eli Edwards Baseball NYU 2015 
Jack Bensinger Baseball Webster University 2011 
Cambria Haro Softball Santa Monica City College 2015 
Raleigh Bacharach Equestrian Univ of South Carolina 2014
Spicer Emge Fencing Notre Dame 2014

Conner Calabro  

Women's Tennis Tufts University