Campbell Hall is a community of inquiry committed to academic excellence and to the nurturing of decent, loving, and responsible human beings.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many openings do you have in each grade level?

We typically have 46 openings in kindergarten, about 65-70 openings in 7th grade, and 20-30 openings in 9th grade each year. Openings at other grade levels are based upon attrition.

What is tuition? Are there any additional costs in attending CH?

Please refer to our Tuition and Fees web page for the latest information.

Do you offer financial aid? Do you offer scholarships?

Socio-economic diversity is a core value at our school, so whether or not you need financial assistance, we want you to know that your child’s experience at Campbell Hall will include friends from the full spectrum of economic circumstances. Please refer to our financial aid web page for further details on our financial aid program.

What is your sibling and legacy admissions policy?

Campbell Hall is well known for its strong sense of community. We realize that keeping families together and admitting children of alumni are exactly the kinds of connections that help build that community. We also recognize that every child is different and Campbell Hall may not be the right fit for every child. Therefore, priority consideration is extended to sibling and legacy applicants applying to our entry level grades, K, 7 & 9, providing that:

  1. The applicant’s record is equal to that of the other applicants we are accepting to the grade, or nearly so.
  2. The family has been supportive of the mission, policies, administration, faculty, and fundraising efforts of the school.

Do you have to be Episcopalian to attend Campbell Hall?

No. Campbell Hall thrives as a diverse, interfaith community that actively seeks to learn from the many religious traditions represented by our faculty, students and families.

Do you have to apply to Campbell Hall in order to attend an open house or tour?

No. Our school tours and Open Houses are open to all prospective families.

Do you offer shadow days?

There are many opportunities for families to see the school without having students miss another school day. These opportunities include Saturday Open Houses, an individual campus tour during each interview visit, evening information sessions, and athletic and performing arts events.We do not encourage families to take their student out of school on an additional school day, however a limited number of shadow days are available for students applying to grades 7 & 9, who feel that an extra visit would be beneficial. Shadow days are offered November 1st through February 1st, and are only available for students after they have interviewed.

Do you accept international students?

Yes, Campbell Hall welcomes applications from international students who are interested in applying to our high school. Please refer to our international students page for additional details.

What is the birth date cut off for kindergarten applicants?

Kindergarten applicants must be five years old by September 1 of the year they enter kindergarten.

How important are ISEE scores in admissions decisions? What is the deadline for ISEE testing? Do you accept other test scores besides ISEE?

The ISEE test score is just one factor that is considered in the application process. The test score is important in serving as a common denominator as we are looking at applicants from many different feeder schools and backgrounds. Applicants must submit the ISEE scores by January 9, 2017. If your student opts to take the ISEEs more than once, Campbell Hall requires you submit all ISEE scores by January 9, 2017. We also accept the SSAT, PSAT, SAT and TOEFL (for international students). .

What qualities does the admissions committee look for in applicants?

The admissions committee is looking for students who will be academically successful and contribute to the activities offered at Campbell Hall and families who will enthusiastically support the mission, philosophy, and policies of the school and actively engage in the school community. For each class, we seek to balance (among other things) diversity, gender, and interests.

How will families be notified of admissions decisions?

Families will receive information on admissions decisions via e-mail and mail. Notifications for those applying to kindergarten-grade 8 will be sent on March 17, 2017, with responses due March 27, 2017. Notifications for those applying to grades 9-12 will be sent on March 10, 2017, with responses due March 21, 2017.

What types of colleges and universities accept Campbell Hall graduates?

The 146 members of the Class of 2016 enrolled in 73 different colleges and universities, both domestically and abroad. Click here to see the range of colleges where our students have been accepted and are enrolled.


What are the school hours?

The elementary school day starts at 8:30 am every day. On Monday through Thursday, Kindergarten-grade 2 dismisses at 2:30 pm, grades 3-4 at 2:45 pm, and grades 5-6 at 3:00 pm. There is an earlier dismissal on Friday where Kindergarten-grade 2 dismisses at 1:15 pm, grades 3-4 at 1:30 pm, and grades 5-6 at 1:45 pm. With the exception of a later start time of 9:30am on Wednesday mornings, the secondary school day starts at 8:50 am and ends at 3:40 pm the rest of the week.

Do you have uniforms?

Yes. In 7th-12th grade uniforms are worn Monday through Thursday and on Fridays there is free dress. To learn more about our elementary school uniforms, please click here. To learn more more about our secondary school uniforms, please click here.

Do you offer bus transportation?

Yes, Campbell Hall students come from many areas of Los Angeles. To learn more about our bus transportation, please click here.

Do you offer before and after school childcare and programs for elementary students?

Yes. Our Childcare and Before/After school elementary programs continue to support the development of each student in a safe environment. From Dance, Instrumental Music, and Elementary Theater to Mindfulness, Renaissance Kids, Tennis, Engineering, and Athletics Skills, there is something for everyone! Childcare is offered in the morning from 7:30-8:25 am and afternoon until 5:30 pm.

What is chapel? Can we attend a chapel?

As a community committed to an ecumenical and pluralistic identity, Christian, Jewish, and Islamic holidays are often celebrated in Chapel. In addition, we honor and recognize the holy days of other world religions. The Chapel experience draws on the richness of the world's major faiths. Families are welcome to attend chapel and should refer to the online chapel calendar for upcoming chapels. Please contact our admissions office in advance to let us know what day you plan to visit so that we can issue you a security pass.

How can parents get involved in the school community?

We have a very active Parent Association that is an essential part of our school community. Our PA relies on volunteers to help support athletics, campus life, community outreach, hospitality, and special events. There are countless ways for parents to volunteer, and we even have a Grandparents’ Committee for our grandparents to be involved in the school lives of their grandchildren.