Signature Programs


Signature Program Spotlight: Public Purpose Programs

Campbell Hall’s Public Purpose Programs are dedicated to expanding our community through collaborative learning experiences. Some examples include:
  • Each year we collaborate with the Loyola Marymount University Family of Schools to bring together high school students from our affinity groups with Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet High School (WESM) to foster camaraderie and understanding between the two schools. Click here to view additional information about this partnership, which was captured in a documentary film called Portraits of a Black Girl.
  • ACTION! is a free, two-week workshop for students who want to learn filmmaking or television production. ACTION! brings forty 5th graders together (half from Campbell Hall, half from LA’s BEST, an after-school education, enrichment and recreation program), to teach them how to make a short film as well as basic techniques of live multi-camera production in our campus television studio.
  • Campbell Hall extends our college preparatory programs and opportunities to low-income, high-achieving public school students through a free summer enrichment program called the Summer Enrichment Pilot Program (SEPP). Starting in 6th grade, deserving students experience academic enrichment, mentorship, and a lasting and supportive peer network designed to foster aspiration, confidence, and academic achievement. Click here to see a short video and to learn more.

 The following are additional signature programs offered at Campbell Hall.

Chapel Program

It is the goal of Campbell Hall’s Chapel Program to use the Episcopal tradition to develop an environment that supports our commitment to actively learning from the many religious traditions represented by faculty, students, and families. Weekly chapels, while grounded in Judeo-Christian prayers and readings, embrace and celebrate many religions of the world, encourage reflection, and above all, a commit- ment to bettering the world. Examples of chapel topics include forgiveness, courage, making excuses, daring to be different, friendship, and more.


Recording Arts Program

Campbell Hall’s Secondary Recording Arts Program begins with a course in 7th grade and culminates in high school with a two-year program. This program offers students the opportunity to earn a ProTools (industry standard audio software) certification from Campbell Hall’s “AVID Learning Partnership.” After certification, our students are included in the AVID “Find A Certified Professional” online directory alongside established and seasoned audio professionals.



(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)
Our elementary school curriculum incorporates the important skills of inquiry, collaboration, and problem solving through regular science labs that focus on STEAM activities such as engineering design challenges. This process involves finding a problem, planning and constructing, testing, improving (redesigning), and communicating, and is explored through roller coaster construction, woodworking, building catapults, designing basic 3D rectangular pyramids, and more.

Mindfulness Program

Campbell Hall offers mindfulness instruction in elementary through high school to help students learn how to be more connected, present in the moment, and free of anxiety. Based on neurological research, learning mindfulness skills helps reduce stress, strengthen attention, deepen self-awareness, and increase compassion for self and others. Mindfulness programs are also offered to parents, faculty, and staff.


The Campbell Hall Secondary Robotics Team, as part of the GoLD Initiative’s Community Robotics Team, forms leaders in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and other fields through participation in FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics. Through planning, designing, building, and programming a robot that competes against others, team members gain real, hands-on, technical engineering training, and develop skills in leadership, collaboration, communication, planning, fundraising, public relations, and more. Students leave the GoLD Initiative’s Community Robotics Team inspired to pursue STEAM in their careers and prepared to handle whatever demands are placed upon them in their education and careers.

Parent Education Speaker Series

Campbell Hall’s Parent Education Speaker Series addresses a range of topics pertaining to physical, social, and academic growth of students and families. These events are extremely well attended by the Campbell Hall community and provide an additional opportunity for fellowship and support. Recent speakers have included: Louis Zamperini, Dr. Mary Pipher, Dr. Michael Thompson, Brené Brown, Julian Bond, Father Boyle, Dr. David Swanson, Dr. Denise Pope, Dr. Susan Love, and Dr. Edward Hallowell, to name a few.

Senior Seminars

The senior seminars are semester courses that provide seniors the opportunity for in-depth study of specific disciplines, issues, or phenomena affecting contemporary society and culture. Students are encouraged to look at the world in which they live more critically, question their own assumptions and beliefs, and develop a better understanding of who they are. Seniors are required to complete one of the following courses: American Environmental History and Values, Ethnic LA: The City of Los Angeles, Gender in the Media, Math Connections in Our World, Movies With a Conscience, Non-Fiction Creative Writing, or Race, Power, and American Identity.


TV Production

Unlike any other local independent school, Campbell Hall offers a secondary course in television production.  The course covers the basic principles and techniques of writing, producing, and directing in a multi-camera television studio. Students work in a collaborative environment and learn about operating studio and control room equipment including, camera, switcher, prompter, audio mixer, video recorders, microphones, studio lighting, and a green screen.

Speech & Debate 

Campbell Hall’s secondary Speech & Debate Program teaches students public speaking, critical thinking, and listening skills by practicing the art of speech and debate. Students use class time to prepare their arguments on a range of topics—from current events to philosophy. Members of the speech and debate team then compete against other schools in weekend tournaments. They routinely place in state, regional, and national competitions.



From having a three-person carpool requirement for student drivers and encouraging carpool drivers to turn off their engines while waiting in line on campus, to replacing grass and hedges with drought-resistant plants, Campbell Hall knows that achieving sustainable solutions calls for stewardship, with everyone taking responsibility for solving environmental problems. To that end, the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles has created an endowed chair, the Bishop’s Chair for Environmental Science & Food Justice, to bring Campbell Hall’s sustainability efforts to life through a one-of-a-kind curriculum.

Artist in Residence & Junior Curators

Each year, roughly 15 high school students become Junior Curators for the Campbell Hall Gallery and together they produce five exhibits a year--two showcase student work and three exhibits feature work from professional artists including Campbell Hall’s Artist in Residence. The Artist in Residence program hosts an established professional artist from the broader community, exposing students to a vast array of styles and mediums.

Creative Writing

A multi-tiered, joyful, stimulating sequence of classes and experiences, the Creative Writing program seeks to ignite a lifelong curiosity about and love for language in every student it touches. Through focused and detailed in-class workshops, a wide variety of exercises and readings across genres, performance and publication opportunities, collaborations with other departments, and public purpose projects, Campbell Hall’s creative writers discover and hone their voices while learning how to contribute them constructively and provocatively to the community at large. Rather than guiding students through a pre-fabricated set of rules to master and goals to achieve, the program encourages students to identify and unleash their own ideas, then acquire and master the skills necessary to make those ideas resonate with, move, and transform readers.


CREW Project

Through the CREW Project, a long-running partnership between Campbell Hall and L.A.’s Best, some of this school’s most advanced, passionate writers undergo months of training and then, beginning in February, head out into the community to run intensive, ten-week workshops through which they teach creative writing to local fourth- and fifth-graders at public schools with few artistic outlets. The workshops culminate in a gala performance and the production of a magazine. Click here to view an entirely student-produced short film about the project.