Chapel at Campbell Hall

As an Episcopal school, Campbell Hall thrives as an interfaith community that actively seeks to learn from the many religious traditions represented by faculty, students, and families.  We embrace and celebrate the religions of the world and know that our mission is to nurture the soul and character of our students, of all faiths and denominations.

We are a community of open inquiry and of spiritual formation through chapel, service learning, counseling, human development, and experiential education programs. Heart and mind, faith and reason, intersect in a spiritual environment thereby enabling the community to ask and explore deeper questions regarding the meaning of a community committed to being decent, loving, and responsible human beings.

As a community committed to an ecumenical and pluralistic identity, Christian, Jewish, and Islamic holidays are often celebrated in Chapel. In addition, we honor and recognize the holy days of other world religions. The Chapel experience draws on the richness of the world's major faiths.

Chapel is deeply rooted in Campbell Hall’s foundation and mission and is a community experience. It is the goal of the chapel experience to develop an ecumenical and interfaith environment that supports Campbell Hall’s tradition of and commitment to actively learning from the pluralist identity of the faculty and students. As an “ecumenical” community, Campbell Hall embraces and celebrates the religions of the world. As a pluralistic community, Campbell Hall is committed to supporting and honoring the many ethnic, racial, religious, and social groups represented in our diverse community.


Blessing of the Animals

The Rev. Canon Julian P. Bull

(818) 505-5302

The Rev. Stefanie Wilson
Chaplain (9-12)

Work (818) 505-5374
Cell (818) 358-5729

The Rev. Norman Hull
Chaplain (K-8)